Switzer Manufacturing

A project developed in WordPress, focused on presenting a balance of visual craftsmanship and strong informational architecture, easing use for visitors and increasing conversions.


Precision Metal Parts

Switzer is a full service manufacturing company in Buffalo, NY that offers custom precision metal parts for a variety of industries. Switzer performs detailed design consultations with their clients, followed by creating prototypes of the project, then scaling the project to larger volumes if desired. Newbird performed a complete WordPress redesign that highlighted excellence of Switzer’s manufacturing possibilities, creating a user experience that is beautifully visual, informative, and easy to navigate.


After reviewing Switzer’s goals, business model, and their existing metrics, we defined an SEO strategy, and UX structure that would boost conversions.


We wanted to bring Switzer’s fresh rebranding to life so we decided on design and photography that would focus on the high quality of the metal parts.


In WordPress, we implemented an easy to use quoting system, creating an advanced discovery form for users to complete about their perspective projects.


Spotlighting product and service offerings from a leader in the metal manufacturing industry.

Working closely with Switzer, Newbird recognized that Switzer was in need of a modern, mobile responsive website design with easy-to-use navigation and a streamlined content structure. Switzer and Newbird agreed that the goal of the website should be to educate users on Switzer’s service specifics, have a functional design that was visually appealing, and incorporate various elements of inbound marketing.

Having these goals in mind, Newbird assisted Switzer with the more creative elements of the website, including all-new photography and strategically placed call-to-actions. Newbird also structured custom post types in WordPress, specific for case study content, allowing users to learn more the success of Switzer’s services. We also developed an easy-to-use discovery form, allowing users to easily navigate through the specifics for their project, allowing Switzer to receive more prospective leads and to maximize their knowledge on the prospective client. Finally, Newbird assisted Switzer in their marketing plan, implementing SEO, consulting on Google Pay-Per-Click, and implementing HubSpot and the inbound methodology


Visually stunning informational website with advanced navigation and discovery form.

Easy to Use Navigational Elements
Switzer’s homepage experience gives users stunning visuals and easy to use navigational options, guiding users through both information about Switzer services and case study content.

Increased Organic Web Traffic
Since the launch of their new website, Switzer has seen an overall web traffic growth of 95%, and an organic traffic growth of 92%.

HubSpot Integration
Newbird assisted Switzer integrating HubSpot with their website, optimizing communication with prospects and increasing overall web conversions.


Newbird partnered with Switzer to design and develop a new WordPress website with advanced UX and stunning visuals. The project outcome was advanced navigational elements, an optimal contact form, optimized content structure, and reliable hosting on Newbird servers.

Client: Switzer Manufacturing
Services: WordPress Website, Photography