Reeds Jewelers & Jenss Decor

A Magento Ecommerce web design and development project focused on user experience for improved conversions.


Best in Fine Jewelry Since 1912

Reeds Jewelers became established in Niagara Falls, NY over 100 years ago. Since that time, Reeds has expanded across Western New York and has a strong local and regional presence. Reeds partnered with Newbird with the desire of expanding their vast jewelry business to the web, with a design that reflects the beauty of their diamonds.


Newbird analyzed the Reeds business top to bottom, setting out to improve website UX, spotlight the robust product selection, and create a marketing plan to drive more traffic to the website.


Expressing the beauty of diamonds and other jewelry within the website was a must-have. Our design needed to reflect Reeds’ established branding, while also making their mark in the digital space.


This web design project required a robust Magento Ecommerce development that reorganized and evolved the navigational structure, product logic, improved overall shopping experience, and increased conversions.


Building a website as beautiful as diamonds themselves.

In partnering with Reeds, we quickly established that their online presence needed a restructuring. Internally, the business needed an easy way for their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to sync seamlessly with the site, making the website an extension of their current operations. The website’s product structure needed a complete overhaul, and the user experience needed to be greatly improved.

In order to accomplish this, Newbird designed a clean, classic homepage look that reflected the beauty of the products Reeds specialized in and the brand themselves. We restructured the online catalog for better search and product filtering, and redeveloped the menu for better navigation and conversion. Behind the scenes, we improved functionality that allows their internal ERP system, specifically an AS400 database, to sync with the website giving Reeds the ability to make price updates and other changes without having to touch the website. Beyond this, we also developed a digital marketing plan that focused on digital brand awareness and increased conversions.


Advanced user-experience design elements add
interest and boost engagement.

Improved Search Functionality
Leveraging a Magento plugin called Algolia, we were able to develop a user friendly, filterable search results page that allows customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Increased Holiday Sales
Online holiday website sales increased by over 200% compared to the year before, due to ongoing cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Rotating Call Outs for Event Awareness
Throughout the year, Reeds hosts a variety of events in WNY. We created an easy way for users to continue to be informed about these events, bridging the gap between online and offline engagement


Newbird collaborated with Reeds to strategize, design and develop a new Magento Ecommerce website that drastically improved the user experience, increased customer engagement and improved sales conversions.

Client: Reeds Jewelers & Jenss Decor
Services: Magento Ecommerce Website