Epilepsy Association of Western New York

Non-profit organization WordPress build, spotlighting epilepsy awareness and fundraising elements.


Non-Profit Aimed at Empowering Lives

Epilepsy Association of Western New York (EAWNY) is a non-profit organization that offers robust services to people with Epilepsy, as well as support offerings to their families. Their goal is to allow these individuals to lead independent and satisfying lives. Newbird collaborated with Epilepsy Association of Western New York (EAWNY) to modernize their website with a mobile responsive design, as well as a colorful and sympathetic tone.


Newbird worked with EAWNY to truly understand the organization’s goals for both their website and mission. With that in mind, Newbird strategized how to create a website that had an uplifting and caring tone.


Newbird created a web design using various elements to highlight the many services offered by EAWNY, encouraging users to engage with the website to learn more about services or how to help by donating.


Newbird implemented UX elements that allowed for easy navigation through all the educational details of the site. We also upgraded the website to a mobile responsive design for the first time ever.


Uplifting and hopeful elements in a modern and mobile friendly design.

Prior to collaborating with Newbird, Epilepsy Association of Western New York (EAWNY) had an outdated website in need of restructuring, including a new framework with a mobile responsive design. Newbird collaborated with EAWNY to execute a plan that would modernize the organization’s user experience and highlighting the extensive services offered by EAWNY.

In addition to implementing a responsive design, Newbird developed custom post types in WordPress that would easily allow for EAWNY to add upcoming events, the latest news about the organization, as well as expand educational resources available on the website. Newbird also integrated the ability for users to easily be able to contribute funding to EAWNY through PayPal.


Advanced user-experience design elements add
interest and boost engagement.

Uplifting Design
Newbird created a tone for EAWNY that is both sympathetic and uplifting, reflecting on all the positive services offered by the organization.

Increased Organic Traffic
With a mobile responsive design implemented, EAWNY’s organic search traffic increased by 43% since the launch of the new website.

Advanced Calendar & Event Integration
The new calendar elements allow EAWNY to easily display the organization’s upcoming events, as well as gives users the ability to RSVP to the event and add them to their personal calendars.


Newbird collaborated with Epilepsy Association of Western New York (EAWNY) to develop a modernized website with an uplifting and sympathetic design, with a user experience that allows for better education, fundraising, and event organization tools.

Client: Epilepsy Association of Western New York
Services: WordPress Design & Development