EMPact America

A WordPress project focused around engagement, user experience and organizational development tools.


Fighting to Protect the Electric Grid

EMPact America is committed to working on the national, state, and local levels, advocating on behalf of all Americans to ensure our power grid is strengthened.
Newbird strategized and executed a new WordPress website to strengthen the organization’s Internet engagement through refined user-experience design and mobile-ready responsive development.


Newbird assessed EMPact America’s existing metrics and strategies. We then defined user personas, traffic channels and an SEO strategy.


With our defined strategy and audience in-mind, the team developed a UX design that engages with visitors and presents serious topics in relatable ways.


With our defined strategy and audience in-mind, the team developed a UX design that engages with visitors and presents serious topics in relatable ways.


Modernizing a web presence that highlights important, hard hitting information for the public

EMPact America has always been dedicated to providing important information to the public, therefore a web presence that is easy to manage, engage with, and share information from was a vital next step in their company’s journey. Before partnering with Newbird, EMPact America struggled with a proprietary hard to update system, content organization that was not user friendly, and lacked the ability for users to easily share the robust information throughout the website.

Newbird collaborated with EMPact America to design and develop a new website built within a WordPress framework. Both design and content focus was aimed and bringing more awareness to the public through educational elements. Newbird also developed an extensive news section which not only integrated the latest updates by EMPact America themselves, but also the latest tweets driven by specific keywords EMPact America set. Users now also have the power to easily share both materials and events to social media directly from the EMPact America website.


Advanced user-experience design elements add
interest and boost engagement.

Easy Social Sharing
The Evolution Pets homepage experience is packed with interactive and dynamic sections of content. The content is presented in a visually interesting and engaging way.

Mobile Responsive Design
Whether on a desktop or mobile device, the EMPact America website now works seamlessly from one device to the next. This has improved the website’s overall SEO viability as well as user experience.

Quick Facts Feature
In browsing through the site, users can now get even more information through sidebar “fun facts.” These sections are scattered throughout the site, reinforcing that EMPact America is an expert in their industry.


Newbird partnered with EMPact America to strategize, design and develop a new WordPress website that simplified the website user experience, streamlined the digital communication of their mission and produced marketing tools that allows the organization to increase engagement.

Client: EMPact America
Services: WordPress Website