Amigos De Las Americas

A WordPress development project that required the organization’s intricacies to translate to a user friendly digital experience.


Volunteer abroad in Latin America

Amigos De Las Americas, or simply “Amigos,” is an organization that coordinates youth leadership programs in Latin America. Amigos coordinates volunteers and volunteer opportunities while also processing and arranging participants and programs. Newbird teamed with Amigos to create a user-friendly digital version of their extremely complex application process.


Understand the details of Amigos complex application process, execute on a plan that would be easy for the user to understand while also inline with the needs of the business.


User friendly interface highlighting beautiful imagery of Latin America, telling an enticing narrative that will encourage both volunteers and prospects to learn more about the organization.


Incorporate detailed forms for users to ease their way throughout the application process which would seamlessly migrate to Amigos’ centralized CRM and client database.


Beautiful user experience in front of a centralized informational powerhouse.

Amigos De Las Americas partnered with Newbird in order to establish a localized place for potential applicants to receive information on the program and easily apply online. They also desired a visually appealing website with a user-friendly navigation that leads users to acquiring further knowledge about the organization.

In order to achieve this, Newbird integrated and developed a complex system of Gravity Forms within the new WordPress build. On the front end of the website, these user friendly forms supply applicants with the information they need to complete based on their various inputs. To the user, this all happens seamlessly and is an easy process. In the backend, the complex forms we setup are firing based on user inputs, and once completed automatically pushes all the information to Amigos’ CRM. There is never a need for them to login to the website to extract this information. Beyond that, we created a beautiful narrative for the user to enjoy, covering all the benefits of the programs offered by Amigos De Las Americas and the positive work they do.


The perfect mix ease of use for both the users and the organization.

Salesforce Integration
All user information collected from the website is automatically exported to Amigos’ Salesforce CRM, allowing them to easily track where potential participants are within the application process.

Educational, User-Friendly Call to Actions
Newbird incorporated strategically placed Call to Actions, allowing users to easily navigate towards program information, starting the application process, or donating to the organization.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Development
Amigos’ website is now completely mobile friendly, brandishing seamless navigation on both the desktop and mobile version of the website.

WordPress Design & Development

Newbird worked with Amigos De Las Americas to develop a beautiful website that is both as powerful as it is visually appealing. The project outcome was a user-friendly website that allows users to easily navigate through what otherwise would be a complex application process.

Client: Amigos De Las Americas
Services: WordPress Development